# Upgrading

First have a look at all the changes between 0.x and 1.0 in the changelog (opens new window) and all code changes in the code compare (opens new window). We've tried to list all steps to upgrade:

  • If you've published and overwritten the views:
    • Rename resources/views/checkout/partials/form.blade.php to resources/views/checkout/partials/address.blade.php
    • Check templates for regex v-if="[^"]*user", these must now include user?.id. same with regex v-if="[^"]*cart" needing to be cart?.entity_id
  • You can no longer check for a cart, or users existence in storage using if (self.$root.cart) { this must be replaced with a key of it. e.g. if (self.$root.cart?.entity_id) {
  • Instead of directly using localstorage or sessionstorage, consider using one of the stores (opens new window). For other uses of the localstorage (especially setting values) consider useStorage (opens new window)
  • Instead of accessing the user and the cart using the $root or window.app we suggest using the stores (opens new window) as these provide additional functionality like clear and refresh
  • lodash has been removed, if you are using it you can either reinstall it or migrate away
  • vue-async-computed has been removed, if you were using this you can either reinstall it or migrate it to VueUse asyncComputed (opens new window)
  • Heroicons has been upgraded to version 2, this requires some icons to be renamed in the templates, see this upgrade guide: Heroicons upgrade guide (opens new window)